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  • Core Participating Communities of: HR Professionals – Those Seeking Services and Advice from HR Professionals.
  • Supporting Communities: Intermediaries and Industry Professionals
  • Guided and Supported Throughout by the Marketplace’s Experts.

Get Guided. Get an Expert. How? Send a Message. Use the Red Send Message Overlay located on the bottom right of the screen. You will hear back promptly. It's Free
Get Involved. Become An Explorer:
  • Get an Overview of the Communities, Opportunities, Conversations and Online Forums
  • Get and Overview of the Central Marketplace
The Explorer Agreement:
The Basic Tenet for all Parties: Prior to written authorization, each Party will not disclose, circumvent, use or adopt for their individual benefit anything they or their associates are exposed to - either by the other Party or by the other Party’s associates, or by a Success-Finder or by Solvation or by any other Solvation associate. This can only be changed by written agreement between and among all the parties, who will establish additional provisions for use hereunder, as prudent.
All parties in Solvation and all activities associated with Solvation are under The Explorer Agreement. It unifies us. It creates an environment of openness and trust. It Opens Doors and Opportunities. See them. Grasp them. Grow fast. Thrive. Meet Some Specialized Experts including Success-Finders, Match-Makers and Success-Makers. Choose to become an Affiliate, a Cohort, an Alliance Co-Founder or an Alliance Principal. Get into the best Communities and select the best roles for you. An Expert will ensure you do. We make it very easy.
Become an Explorer. Leap Forward. To do so, become  a part of Solvation. See opportunities in BriefMatters (see sidebar). Understand them. Make choices. Engage with them.  Realize Dreams.


A Spring-Boarder 'Business Essential'™:
  • A Central Marketplace & FundingMatters Hub ™
    • With MatchMaking Experts
    • With Associates and Personnel
  • Communities by Solvation Syndicates or Alliances ™
  • Anchored by Solvation's Hub-Central ™
    • Its Central Management, Operations and Administration.

Glossary: Affiliate (minimal participation). Cohort (material as prudent participation). Strategic Alliance (a primary endeavor and activity partnered with Solvation). Seatholder (has such a Strategic Alliance and furthermore is deemed as a core participant in a salient Community).

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