A company designed to find, guide and streamline your pathways to success.
Deals, Projects, Business Development, and Corporate Development.
Do what you do best. Have Solvation do the rest℠.
Our Protective Safety-Nets, Minimize your risks℠. 
Our Protective-Umbrellas, Maximize your success℠. 


Where Solutions & Inventions happen

Solvation’s mission is to turn initiatives and ventures that are incomplete, sputtering, requiring re-invention or otherwise uncompelling, into successful and sustainable business.  These incomplete initiatives often lack a compelling team with broad ranging expertise or experience, and are therefore destined to be non-starters.

Solvation uses “Success-Makers”, with our proprietary business-building platformed-system that can quickly and effectively turn such businesses into fundable and ongoing concerns.  This business-building system is , in part , empowered by a coordinated team of interdisciplinary experts who work together to help solve existing but surmountable problems that have previously handicapped initiatives from succeeding.

Solvation’s proprietary system allows all contributing parties to safely work in a coordinated and effective manner, while knowing they will get appropriate compensation when an initiative has revenues, investors, or other types of financing.

A partial list of core contributions provided by Solvation includes: fund syndication and funding; leadership, senior and general management; engineering and technology; marketing, business development and B2B sales; legal project management,  lawyer-selection services; executive recruiting, each supported by Success-Makers’ underlying administration and operations, both of which scale globally. Solvation team members are selected for expertise in those areas and work together closely to minimize risks and maximize the likelihood of success of each initiative.

Example A. Embryo stage. Those initiatives that “almost raised funding” whether from Angels, Venture Capitalists, Private Equity, Strategic Partners, etc are all excellent candidates. They need Solvation and Success-Making.

Example B. Embryo stage. Those initiatives that do well in business plan competitions, such as the MIT$100K or MIT-CHIEF but do not attract or receive funding. They need Solvation and Success-Making.

Example C. Embryo stage. Those initiatives associated with MIT Alumni Angels, of which Solvation is a member, that do not receive funding.  They need Solvation and Success-Making.

Example D.  Growth stage.  Those initiatives that want someone to find and close business development deals and strategic deals.  Solvation’s Associates have a “reach” into many such target companies.

Example E.  Growth stage.  Solvation offers pre-funding Success-Maximizing combined with Power-lifting to achieve the standards needed for our Crowdfunding site and post-funding Solvation maintains important Corporate Development and Business Development roles to again help maximize success.

Example F.  Exit stage.  Possibilities in sales to or “mergers and acquisitions” with Solvation, Solvation initiatives, Crowdfunding,  Strategic Partners, Private Equity firms and Home Offices.

Nutshell biographies of a few Advisors and Fellows.

Antaya. Serial CMO, VP Mktg.  Start-ups through multi-billion dollar companies.  BA. Dartmouth.

Expert on Inflammation and Disease Prevention. Author of a number of books. Much of his career at Harvard Medical School. MD Tulane.

Kluss.  COO and entrepreneur.  BA (Econ) Harvard.

Lowenthal.  Serial Entrepreneur. Did $50 million exit. M.Sc EE / CS. MIT.

Mackay. Serial Entrepreneur. Four “Editor’s Choice” awards. M.Sc. MIT.

Miragliotta.  Career Recruiter.  Local and National.  Software. Technologies. Bio Pharm.

Ohare.  Real Estate Entrepreneur.  AB. Wheaton.

Redding.  Serial Entrepreneur. Inventor. Financier. Business Plan Judge. Advisor. Mentor. M.Sc. EE / CS. MIT.

Salek. IT Entrepreneur and Consultant. Contractor and Project Manager for large Fortune 100 to 500 IT Projects. BA Econ, MBA York.

Soni.  Serial CMO, VP Marketing.  Advisor. Mentor. MBA. Chicago.

Sweet. Thirty-five years as Assistant Director of MIT’s award winning ESG program.  Recently, first woman to be the President of a Division of the American Psychological Association.  Psychotherapist. Coach. Consultant. PhD Boston College.

Our primary customers do not initially have all the resources they need to either do important deals or projects, or to become a successful and fundable concern.  To do so they engage Solvation’s team of Success-Maker experts who then architect customized solutions under the umbrella of a Solvation-created collaborative safe haven.  Working with this team allows them to develop their initiative in such a way that they can negotiate with third parties as needed to do a transaction, negotiate a deal, or develop long-term agreements and alliances that can survive on a sustainable basis. Such third parties can be anywhere in the world and their dealings can be local, regional, national or international.  The Solvation team has “skin in the game” because those who participate will receive negotiated compensation for their contributions upon business success. The Success-Maker platform in combination with the Success-Maker teams and experts are awarded compensation as merited under an impartial rule-based system which provides ongoing motivation and security to all those involved.

Through its diversified team of ‘Explorers’ and ‘Fellows’, Solvation enjoys associations with a growing number of organizations both nationally and internationally to source initiatives at any stage.   At the time initiatives decide to explore opportunities with Solvation, most are seeking to obtain resources to spur growth or become compelling to investors and then to secure funding.


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Striving Together, Thriving Together℠ 
“A New Way of Doing Business”

The Solvation Group SLLC , in brief

A company designed to find, guide and streamline your pathways to success.
Deals, Projects, Business Development and Corporate Development.
Do what you do best. Have Solvation do the rest.
Our Protective Safety-Nets, Minimize your risks.
Our Protective-Umbrellas, Maximize your success.

Some Solvation Success Stories

Solvation recognized by the World Technology Network as one of the 2000 most influential people and organizations, globally, in the high technology industry.      Learn More >

Solvation was selected for the Evaluators Panel to evaluate “Challenge” submissions for The Next-Gen Games In Physical Spaces Challenge at Northeastern’s IoT Open Innovation Lab was held in the late Spring and Summer of 2018. The Lab believes the Evaluators Panel may be one of the best such panels in history. The Challenge’s mission was to identify high-quality game concepts involving a combo of IoT and (Mobile) Gaming – combined with Virtual or Augmented Reality.     Learn More >

Solvation was selected as a VIP/mentor for “the teams in the running” for the Accelerate phase of the 2018 MIT$100K
    Learn More >

Solvation has participated at Hackathons at MIT, including one for Bitcoins.
     Learn More >

Solvation was selected, for 3 years, to be a Judge for MIT-Chief’s business plan competition.
     Learn More >

Solvation was asked to participate at Token-Fest. The Business of Blockchain. The Premier Enterprise Conference & Expo For Blockchain.     Learn More >

To unify any number of others as a solid cohesive group, to tailor it, to create a compelling or disruptive collective mission, that unifies them, to collaborate, to accelerate, to become growing concerns, to reach critical mass, to power-lift them: to fundability, through funding and beyond. In short, empowerment to streamline progress, to minimize time frames, costs and other risks, to maximize success and valuations, to over-achieve the unit’s mission.

To so unify others to do wide-ranging supportive activities that empower corporate development and business development.     Learn More >

Some Testimonials

“Could change the way people do business”.
– Iconic VC, Entrepreneur, Engineer, Philanthropist

“A brand new way of doing business”.
High-Tech Executive. Former Patent Attorney.

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All Solvathons Events are Unified By Solvation’s Protective Umbrella and Solvation’s Protective Safety-Net℠ . 

In real-time, Success-Makers and other Safeguards:  Guide, Guide, Coach, Advise, Oversee, and Referee them.

Succeeding, Together, As One℠ 

Collaborations – That Work℠

Scalable to any number of Parties.

  Any type of Initiatives. Any type of Collaborations.  

Contact us. We will detail solutions that eliminate pain-points and soothes aches.

Starting in Greater Boston, our pool of Solvers, Partners, and Donors is expanding worldwide.

The Solvation Group SLLC is a Delaware “Series LLC”, also denoted as an “SLLC”, a/k/a either Solvation or Solvation®. Note: All Initiatives involving Solvation are “cells”within Solvation’s “Series” and are a Delaware LLC, unless otherwise indicated, Whenever clarification is wanted, John Redding is to be promptly queried. All trademarks, service marks and registered trademarks herein are the property of The Solvation Group SLLC, by John Andrew Redding. All rights reserved. Note: The content herein is a member of The “About-Right™” Family which Solvation deems to be By Solvation™ Proprietary and Confidential, to both The Solvation Group™SLLC and to John Andrew Redding. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2014 to 2018 The Solvation Group SLLC, by John Andrew Redding. All rights reserved.

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