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The Solvation Core™

Innovations, Inventions, Platforms and Structures, by Solvation™

Solvation’s mission is to turn initiatives and ventures that are incomplete, often lack experienced and effective leadership, are sputtering, requiring re-invention or otherwise uncompelling, into successful and sustainable businesses. Examples of ventures that are not yet ready for the market include those in the idea, startups and growth, as well as turn-around stages, or mergers or acquisitions.

Solvation uses “SuccessMakers” experienced advisors, coupled with our proprietary business-building platformed-system that can quickly and effectively turn such businesses into fundable and ongoing concerns.  This business-building system is , in part , empowered by a coordinated team of interdisciplinary experts who work together to help solve existing but surmountable problems that have previously handicapped initiatives from succeeding.

Solvation’s proprietary system allows all contributing parties to safely work in a coordinated and effective manner, while knowing they will get appropriate compensation when an initiative has revenues, investors, or other types of financing.

A partial list of core contributions provided by Solvation includes: fund syndication and funding; leadership, senior and general management; engineering and technology; marketing, business development and B2B sales; legal project management,  lawyer-selection services; executive recruiting, each supported by SuccessMakers’ underlying administration and operations, both of which scale globally. 

Advisory Team

Solvation’s team of advisors and consultants are selected for their expertise and work together closely to minimize risks and maximize the likelihood of success of each initiative.    Examples of accomplishments by a few team members include: doing a $50 million exit, being a CMO VP of Marketing for multi-billion dollar companies, completing IT projects for Fortune 100 to Fortune 500 companies, starting a  new division of one of the world’s largest financial services companies, co-founding a bank, and being accepted into a prestigious “incubator”. Several are professors at world class institutions and one founded a Biomedical Engineering Department.  Become an Explorer with us and consult with our founder to potentially work with “SuccessMakers” who can provide breakthrough opportunities for your company,

Engineering Principles - Applied to Business. From Idea to Maturity.

Some Partnerships and Contracts Throughout The Years

Acton, MA

Sage developed the basics and initial testing for what was productized and commoditized by The Solvation Group SLLC and its SuccessMaker suite of “teaming products and services”. Contractors, Consultants, Product Developers, Service Developers, Advisors, Inventors, Thought-Leaders.

Sage Alliances, Inc. (Sage)
Founder, CEO. CTO/VP Engineering
Ann Arbor, MI

Researched the markets and market sizes for large manufacturer of relays whose secondary product focused on micro-switches. Responsible for finding and closing this opportunity, predicted the market-size and growth rate for micro-switches.

CP Clare, Inc.
Contract. Hired by Prime Contractor.
Cambridge, MA.

Contract: Hired by Co-Founder/Vp of Engineering. For client’s data networking systems and technology: Partnered with the former Director of Engineering of Bytex, a WAN, network security and matrix switch company and Co-analyzed the design of their current system and their ‘compression” technology algorithms and designed a next generation system.

Data Networking start-up.
To design next generation system & Codec Analysis.
Hopkinton MA

For Start-up vendor of physically compact tape-drives for OEM customers.. Found client, closed contract, built team to develop drivers, UI and so forth for vendor’s tape-drive.

J Nollan & Associates.
Contract: Hired by Co Founder and Vp of Engineering to complete software and to complete product.
Braintree MA

Investigated possible purchase of automatic shoe last design with NC manufacturing. Recommended acquisition. It would have allowed them to “own” the brand for “shoe sizing” for catalog and internet marketing

Jones and Vining
Contract. Hired by CEO of vendor of ultra-precise “lasts” for shoe manufacturing.
Westwood, MA

LoJack’s expertise is wireless location of assets. Found the client, closed the business. Completed the “due diligence” - including Technology Assessment, market assessment, revenue estimation and delivered the “buy don’t-buy” recommendation.

LoJack, Inc.
Contract. Hired by Co-founder/COO.

To design HDLC/SDLC “cards”for PCs and to have 10,000 units per year manufactured delivered. Found client. Found and partnered with a designer. Partnered with a 3rd party manufacturer.

L.M. Ericsson
Contract. Hired by Division Manager.
Nashua NH.

For vendor of LAN Switches and other data communications equipment to re-sellers. Designed a LAN “switch” to bolster their already extensive product-line. Found customer, closed the order, built engineering team, re-designed our engineer’s prototype using Microchip technology.

Contract. Hired by CEO.
Waltham MA

Security Software.
Identified client. Negotiated and closed a Strategic Alliance for Sage Alliances’ Portfolio. Recruited and built 10 person development team. Embedded at client’s site. Co-developed software Version 2 of their PC Security Software. Sage’s compensation package included stock warrants valued at $17 million.

Network-One Security Solutions
Contract. Hired by CEO.
Waltham MA

Vendor of Diabetes Meters to OEMs. Contract. Hired by VP of Operations. For vendor of OEM Diabetes Meters. Found client. Closed development contract. Formed partnership with the former VP of Engineering at Hologics. Worked with their team members to design and build automatic test equipment for FDA approved manufacturing operations. Re-engineered the diabetes meter, co-engineered a production-test system that worked in unison as a “test-calibrate-until-pass” system. The maker of the diabetes meter was acquired by Johnson & Johnson.

Nova Biomedical, Inc.
Contract: To Provide Manufacturing Systems.
Framingham, MA

Vendor of Time and Attendance Software. Partnered with a Sloan School MBA graduate who had both domain experience and Management Consulting experience. Jointly-performed “due diligence”, especially related to market size and validation. Delivered a report that was used to successfully obtain-millions in venture funding. Smart-Time was purchased by Kronos a few years later.

Smart-Time Software, Inc.
Contract. Hired by Co Founder CEO.

more comprehensive list of Partnering is available.

Services And Expertise

“Breadth and depth provided by everyone at Solvation as a team effort”

Business Development

Developing Partnerships, Strategic Alliances, Joint-ventures. and other long-term relationships


Consultative Sales, B2B Sales, B2C Sales


Investors, Syndication, European style Merchant Banking, Crowdfunding, Financial Assessments, Stock & Commodities trading


Business Transactions with start-to-finish and oversight and management, and whatever is prudent or needed;

Corporate Development

Including Governance, Mergers & Acquisitions, C-Level and Director-Level Management, Advising, Legal Project Management and Lawyer Selection

Project Management

Projects, Project Management and Tasks that enable the above including recruiting


Marketing, Product Marketing, Product Management

Innovating & Engineering

Hardware, software and systems. Especially involving emerging technologies.


Dispute Prevention, Recruiting, Team Building and other HR functions

John Andrew Redding

  • Founder, Solvation Group
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Corporate Development
  • Business Development
  • SM Electrical Engineering
    (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

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WordPress Core Development team member. Was asked to head the worldwide SQA team for a major release.

New England Chinese Information and Networking Association

MIT$100K Business Plan Competition.
Judge - by invitation

MIT Alumni Association.


Entrepreneurship Panelist - by invitation.

MIT Club of Boston

MIT Bitcoin and Blockchain Club.

Venture Mentoring Service

Venture Cafe Foundation. Entrepreneurship Melting Pot.

MIT Technology Review
Member The Global Panel, by invitation.

MIT Energy Club

more comprehensive list of Partnering is available.

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