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Spring-Boarder TM, enables parties to cooperatively build businesses.
Don’t spend years and many thousands of dollars futilely trying to launch your business idea - do it now.
Our seasoned experts will cooperatively help you produce optimized business plans
and strategies that are ready to go.

Reduce your risk and greatly increase your speed to market with
comprehensive business essentials: funding, marketing, engineering, operations,
administration, sales and legal.  You will have access to our proprietary software, our forums and
our marketplaces. Startup costs can be cashless.
We support your dream from Start to Forever .

Message us to explore all the possibilities. It’s free. Startup costs can be cashless.
 Become an Explorer to learn more.
Contact us to explore a few novel possibilities.

Let us detail a personalized Spring-Boarder for you.
It only takes about 15-30 minutes

A Specialist will get back to you promptly.

Forums and Communities are also
Built into Spring-Boarder. A state of the art online platform for questions,
answers, suggestions, support, ideas.

Solvation’s team of business experts oversee and ensure  
product quality and continuous improvement. .

We will detail a personalized Spring-Boarder for you, absolutely free.
No strings attached.
It only takes about 15 to 30 minutes ! Click the messaging overlay
at the bottom of your screen.
A Specialist will get back to you promptly.

What is Solvation®? A portfolio of co-ventures. They are guided and coached by business stars. They drive success way up and drive risk way down to help you reach your dreams.

What is a co-venture?  A co-venture is a collaborative initiative involving 2 or more parties (co-venturers), using Spring-Boarder.TM

What is Spring-Boarder™? It is a pre-engineered system that underpins, enables and empowers co-ventures and co-venturing. It lifts co-venturers over seemingly impossible barriers onto a level playing field.  All other co-venturers proactively ensure ultra-fast progress.

Some recent co-venturers (ask for details):  

  • Founder – one of world’s largest and most innovative Financial Services organizations
  • Professor – Harvard Medical School
  • Hardware Engineer – Winner of $200,000 – Nationwide Business-plan competition
  • Software Entrepreneur – with 4 Editor’s Choice awards
  • Assistant COO of one of world’s largest banks.

A success story: Within a week of co-venturing with Solvation, a new co-venturer estimated that his dream’s ensuing exit valuation would increase by a factor of 3 !!  

Contact/Message our Success-FindersTM and Success-MakersTM.

“Now – That’s Solvation”SM


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This Could be You!

“We formed an Alliance with Solvation. Within Days – They had the Perfect Choice for CEO. He had  Built-in Funding. Perfect Domain Experience. Proven Track-record. Immediately – The Alliance’s estimated ‘exit valuation’ soared about 300%!”


Spring-Boarder Business Essentials TM

Proprietary Accelerators.  Superchargers.  Special Teams.

How Solvation Works

A Success-FinderTM will ensure your success.

The Solvation ecosystem will help you exceed your expectations.

From Impasse. To Acceleration. Done Overnight.

  1. Let’s assess your needs. Let’s devise a plan. Let’s execute it. Over time, Let’s perfect the plan. Let’s execute it.
  2. Let’s contact the Marketplaces. The Manager Coaches and Guides you.
  3. Let’s Quickly Eliminate Vulnerabilities. Let’s Control Risks.
  4. Let’s Assemble a Complete Business and hit the ground running. It’s fast.
  5. Join an Ecosystem.
  6. Let’s Team-up. Grow Fast. Thrive Soon. Exit Elated.

Let’s devise a plan. Let’s execute it. Over time, Let’s perfect the plan. Let’s execute it.

The Manager Coaches and Guides you.

Let’s Eliminate Vulnerabilities. Let’s Control Risks.

a Complete Business and hit the ground running. It’s fast.

Appropriate Communities, Forums and Marketplaces.

Grow Fast. Thrive Soon. Exit Elated.

Personalize your dream business fast. Grow Best. Thrive Best. Profit BestTM.

Instantly be Up and Running, Growing and Thriving.

Our Necessary Business Essentials

Partner and Jointly-Build with Spring-Boarder:


  • Partner and jointly- build Businesses.
    Businesses that Impact, Transform, or Disrupt .
  • Immediately utilize the Business Essentials
    Powerful Business Essentials.  So such Businesses will quickly Accelerate, Succeed and Thrive.
  • Partner and jointly continue to expand
    our Operations and Administration Division. Transformative Cornerstones and Foundation.  Underpinning Acceleration and Success.